Our knowledge in 2D, 3D and hyperspectral imaging and our capability for developing custom software applications, can help you to achieve such important targets of every computer vision project such as:


  • Reduce time to market: you won’t need to start from the scratch your own development.
  • Ensure the best quality production: our computer vision solutions for 2D, 3D, and hyperspectral imaging will guarantee stable and uniform inspection.
  • Increase the production: thanks to the use of the latest technology in the market.

2D and 3D quality inline inspection, pattern matching, bin picking, high speed analysis, high dynamic range inspection, aerial industrial inspection, and hyperspectral analysis for food sorting are just some examples of projects where we have taken part.


Do you have a demanding computer vision project? Do not hesitate to call us. Our engineers will support you from the beginning to meet the targets of your projects.


Hyperspectral imaging is a key player in precision agriculture, giving chemical information about the crops, the soil, diseases and pests. The proper irrigation and quantity of fertilizers and pesticides not only increases the yield but also reduces production costs and impact on the environment.


The combination of our hyperspectral cameras together with UAV gives producers and researchers a more affordable and flexible way to collect crop status data.


Thanks to our multidisciplinary team and our certified pilots, we can support you to ensure the quality and production of your crop with different remote sensing services.


Consultancy of hyperspectral imaging, custom flights to acquire calibrated hyperspectral data, or even provide you the complete equipped drone to face yourself the application, are just some of the possibilities that Solvistec Imaging Inc. can offer.


No matter if the target of the project is focused on an industrial R&D development or to face a pure academic research, we will become a valuable support to ensure the achievement of your goals.


Depending on your background and experience, Solvistec Imaging Inc. can provide not only the most advanced computer vision tools to ease the achievements of the project, but also turnkey solutions and onsite support for research departments without computer vision background.


Due to the deep knowledge of computer vision tools for 2D, 3D and hyperspectral imaging and the extensive network of suppliers, our customers can obtain from Solvistec Imaging Inc. the newest technology in the market. Our partners are key suppliers in the market of computer vision products. This fact allows us to provide to our customers the best products for 2D inspection, high speed video recording, high dynamic range imaging, InGaAs and hyperspectral cameras, etc.


Some of our previous research collaborations include fields as diverse as medicine, microbiology, oceanography, agriculture, traffic control and sports.