XC Series

4/3″ 8Mp High resolution FA/MV Lenses

XC Series

XC Series

  • Large image size of Φ23mm incorporated within a C-mount design.
  • Megapixel resolution is maintained throughout the entire image even when the iris is fully opened.
  • High precision aspherical lens greatly reduces distortion and produces a high-definition picture.
  • Kowa’s floating mechanism system virtually eliminates optical aberrations from close distance to infinity.



Model Focal length (mm) Sensor size
LM8XC 8.5 4/3″
LM12XC 12 4/3″
LM16XC 16 4/3″
LM25XC 25 4/3″
LM35XC 35 4/3″
LM50XC 50 4/3″

Summarizing, Solvistec Imaging Inc. can provide the following elements for machine vision applications:

  • Accesoriess for lenses like filters, ring extensions and mounts adapters.
  • Support on lenses selection.