SC Series

1″ 6Mp High resolution FA/MV lenses

SC Series

SC Series

  • Large image size of Φ16mm (C-mount).
  • Able to maintain a sharp image with high resolution and contrast from the center to the corners of an image (less degradation of corner resolution).
  • High precision aspherical lens greatly reduces distortion and creates a short minimum object distance.
  • Kowa’s wide-band multi-coating effectively decreases glare and refraction and produces a high transmission from the visible to NIR wavelength range.




Model Focal length (mm) Sensor size
LM12SC 12 1″
LM16SC 16 1″
LM25SC 25 1″
LM35SC 35 1″
LM50SC 50 1″

Summarizing, Solvistec Imaging Inc. can provide the following elements for machine vision applications:

  • Accesoriess for lenses like filters, ring extensions and mounts adapters.
  • Support on lenses selection.