HC-V Series

1″ 1Mp Ruggedized lens

HC-V Series

HC-V Series

  • For megapixel applications requiring a sensor size of 1” (Φ16mm).
  • Unique mechanical design to guard against strong vibration and shock.
  • Two way reversible nut is utilized to tightly lock the focus adjustment ring in place.
  • All internal glass elements are glued to the inside housing to improve stability.
  • Interchangeable iris plates are used to select the F-stop.



Model Focal length (mm) Sensor size
LM8HC-V 8 1″
LM12HC-V 12.5 1″
LM16HC-V 16 1″
LM25HC-V 25 1″
LM35HC-V 35 1″
LM50HC-V 50 1″

Summarizing, Solvistec Imaging Inc. can provide the following elements for machine vision applications:

  • Accesoriess for lenses like filters, ring extensions and mounts adapters.
  • Support on lenses selection.