Drone HSI Camera System

Custom box to work with remote sensing applications

Drone HSI Camera System


The Drone Box System allows to configure different Photonfocus cameras into a standalone grabbing solution. The cameras can be boarded in a drone an used for photogrametric or inspection applications.

SOLPI’s Drone System includes two hyperspectral cameras that cover 41 bands in a range of 470 – 975 nm. All 41 bands are captured together at the same time, which makes the Drone System ideal for moving applications.

Specifications of the Drone System

  • 512 GB onboard storage. Images are automatically stored on an internal hard drive.
  • Auto exposure: exposure time is calculated according to light conditions.
  • Auto framerate: frames per second are automatically calculated according to the desired resolution and overlap.
  • Synchronized GPS geotagging: each image is tagged with a GPS coordinate.
  • 2 HSI snapshot cameras covering 41 bands in 470 – 975 nm. range. Hypercube ENVI compatible.
  • Snapshot global shutter sensor: there are no rolling bands. All 41 bands are captured together at the same time, which makes it ideal for moving applications.
  • 42 frames per second per camera: you can store up to 84 FPS combined with the two cameras.
  • Live status output via HDMI port: connected to a wireless transmitter allows real time status information and view image.
  • Image Output: Geo-referenced images compatible with Pix4D.
  • USB 3.0 port to download the images to an external hard drive.
  • Internal swappable battery lasts for 30 min.
  • Onboard Intel i5 processor computer for real time computer vision application: benefit from hyperspectral inspection or other drone real-time inspection applications.
  • Hyperspectral SDK provided.
  • Fits in a Ronin-MX gimbal.


Summarizing, Solvistec Imaging Inc. can provide the following elements for remote sensing:

  • Vision components, such as cameras and lenses.
  • Drones, gimbals and other stuff to realize the project.
  • Software to control remote capture image.
  • Consultancy services and trainings.

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