Digipeater CLB26

CameraLink signal repeater for base or medium configuration

Digipeater CLB26


The Digipeater CLB26 is a tool to relay signals over CameraLink® cables longer than 20m between camera and framegrabber. It generates all signals including the control signals and communication signals of the CameraLink® base version. The Digipeater CLB26 is delivered in an industrial housing, and therefore can be easily integrated in a cable duct.

The Digipeater CLB26 is designed to overcome problems with image processing systems in which distance is a limitation. A standard CameraLink® cable can be used to connect a camera to a frame grabber over distances of up to 10m. It frequently occurs, however, that twice this length is required to feed signal cables through the trunking of automation systems. The Digipeater CLB26 regenerates all data signals, including the control and communication signals of the CameraLink® base version.

Two Digipeaters CLB26 could be used in parallel for cameras with CameraLink® medium interface. For CameraLink® full cameras the Digipeater CLB26 can not be used.



  • Pixel clock up to 80MHz
  • +5V … +8VDC (+/-10%)
  • Repeater for CameraLink® Base & Medium
  • Up to 20m per side @ 20MHz
  • Up to 8m per side @ 85MHz
  • CameraLink® connections more than 40m
  • With each additional Digipeater CLB26: extension of 20m (@ 20MHz)
  • Suited for all cameras with CameraLink® interface
  • Power-up failsafe
  • Active clock and data regeneration with “zero skew”
  • Compact & robust industrial housing
  • Dimensions 57 x 36 x 107mm³
  • Operation temperature 0°C … + 60°C


Summarizing, Solvistec Imaging Inc. can provide the following elements for 2D Vision:

  • Vision components, such as cameras and lenses.
  • Mechanical components, such an structure to assemble all the vision components.
  • Software to process the data.
  • Consultancy services and trainings.

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