• EVT

    The demands on machine vision for quality control and industrial engineering are increasing constantly. Also, due to the fast developing technical capabilities, the fields of applications are growing manifold too. Therefore EVT has developed machine vision products, which not only allow precise and error-free image processing but also products, which are one step ahead of the market. The machine vision software EyeVision by EVT is a product, which due to easy-handling is able to adapt to various applications. The software runs on: -smart cameras -vision sensors -embedded and PC based systems (with the interfaces: USB, GigE, Firewire, Camera Link, CoaXPress, etc.)
  • Photonfocus

    Photonfocus is a computer vision company focused on the development for machine vision products in fields such as hyperspectral imaging, 2D image processing, 3D laser triangulation, and camera control.

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