Machine Vision

Advanced computer vision tools for industrial projects.      

Increase the yield, reduce your costs.

Hyperspectral imaging for remote sensing applications




Observe the invisible.

Advanced computer vision tools for industrial projects.




Research and Development

Advanced computer vision tools for R&D projects.      

vision tools


Solvistec Imaging Inc. provides software and hardware tools for vision systems.

vision tools


Solvistec Imaging Inc. develops high added-value custom solutions.

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Consultancy services on different fields where computer vision is applied.

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Solvistec Imaging Inc. offers a wide range of tailored courses on computer vision.


Solvistec Imaging Inc. offers computer vision services and solutions in a wide range of sectors.

We provide solutions focused on the reliability of the products to ensure your project have a long life.

Our knowledge in hyperspectral imaging makes us a profitable partner for remote sensing applications.


We provide the most advanced computer vision tools to ease the goals of your research project.